New municipality - new design


The inspiration for the new coat of arms in the municipality Rudersdal was found in two of the features that characterize the area's long history: the settlement in the forest clearings and the main road Kongevejen that cuts through the area.

The desire was to find a single motif that could capture the area's characteristics. An image that indirectly links the area's history with today's blended urban communities, which despite major changes still have in common with the early villages that they live in close contact with forest and other natural values.

The choice fell on a stalk from the ash tree that has roots in Nordic mythology, which also was part of the primeval forest that was cleared to create the villages in the viking ages. The individual leaves refer to these clearings.

The ash leaf must also be seen as a symbolic representation of the urban communities that are part of Rudersdal Municipality, where Kongevejen is a both a symbolic and concrete connection.




Numerous variations of the new coat of arms where made until the final version was chosen


Design: Peter Bysted, Charlotte Hauch

Client: The Municipality of Rudersdal (Rudersdal Kommune)

Date: 2007