EDGE hand brushes – shaping hygiene

Focus on hygiene, functionality and ergonomics were combined in ICONO’s design of Vikan's new line of hand brushes


EDGE design concept: Peter Bysted

ICONO designteam: Peter Bysted, Philip Egebak, Christian Bjørn, Claus Mølgård (technology), Casper Rasmussen (construction)

Client: Vikan


"The innovative hand brush design is an excellent example of how the collaborative dialogue we maintain with our customers delivers real benefits in the form of new products that directly solve their cleaning challenges," says Global R&D Manager and Hygiene Specialist at Vikan Debra Smith. "These brushes are designed to deliver the optimal efficiency and hygienic cleaning our customers expect from Vikan, but also to look appealing and feel good in the hand".

A brush is a brush is a brush.
Or could there be more to it?


When Vikan, one of the world's leading manufacturers of maximum hygiene cleaning tools, asked ICONO to design a new line of brushes for the food & beverage sector, we were surprised to discover that the design of many existing brushes still carry the design DNA of traditional wooden brushes. While development in material technology and a strong focus on hygienic aspects has secured Vikan its role as one of the world's leaders of maximum hygiene cleaning implements, form elements of traditional wooden brushes still prevailed.

We decided to go for an alignment of the design with Vikan's standing as leader in advanced hygienic cleaning solutions, when taking the new brushes one more step away from their wooden ancestors and fully devote the design to the potentials of plastic. The material was given. Polypropylene, a type of plastic with excellent characteristics when it comes to durability, high temperatures and disinfectants and ergonomics - all essential prerequisites for use in the food industry.


Ergonomics studies were an integral part of the development process. Some were too heavy, some had handles that were too small and did not provide an optimal grip for the user. The top of the handle-less scrubbing brush, resembling former wooden brushes, was concave, not filling the palm of the hand.

Ergonomics, hygiene and safety are key to Vikan and the mere looks of the new line of brushes signal this. As Vikan puts it: "Who knew that efficiency could look this good".