Rubber Bollard – straight forward lighting with a soft touch


A new approach for urban design, which invites you to take a break.

Custom-designed for EXPO 2000 - now a Louis Poulsen standard product

Designed by Peter Bysted, the Rubbie Bollard was created specially for Expo 2000 in Hanover, Germany, and later released by Louis Poulsen. Combining the latest technology with an unusual material, Rubbie was designed to be more than just a lamp - it is a piece of urban furniture by also serving as a stool.

The Rubbie Bollard is mounted on a base plate with a housing made from black rubber. This choice of materials is unique, with intriguing softness and comfort that suggests a new approach for urban design. And the bollard's height invites you to make at short stop.

The following quote by Peter Bysted is from Louis Poulsen's website:

"The goal was to create something more than just a bollard. Besides its primary function, I wanted to add personality and warmth as well as giving it a human aspect and let it play the part of street furniture. The rubber surface and the rounded top tempt pedestrians to take a little rest, and the effective, glare-free illumination contributes towards a feeling of safety within the urban space. In March 2011, "Rubbie" won the prestigious Lighting Design Award".

Read more about Peter Bysted on Louis Poulsen's website.

Available around the world

Rubbie was produced by design firm and lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen, following a long test period to confirm the durability of the rubber material. When the product was launched, it was issued with the latest lighting technology.

The Rubbie's light source is a powerful 19W or 18W LED (standard or dimmable) that distributes a uniform, non glaring, light distribution that helps create a feeling of safety while illuminating the surrounding area.

By virtue of the Rubbie's low maintenance, durable construction and glare-free illumination, it is ideal for plazas, city centers, parks, walkways and marine environments.

The Rubbie Bollard won the award for Best External Luminaire at the prestigious Lighting Design Awards that showcases the best of the lighting industry.



Design: Peter Bysted

Client: Expo 2000 & Louis Poulsen


About Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen has succeeded uniquely through collaborating with architects, for almost 100 years. Founded in 1874 as an electrical company in Copenhagen, Denmark, Louis Poulsen evolved into a firm that creates and produces many of the most beautiful and functional lighting fixtures ever designed.

Some of their most notable products are the PH Artichoke, the classic PH Table and Pendant lamps, and the LP Charisma and Nyhavn series. Many of the classic designs were by the renowned Danish Modern architects Poul Henningsen, Arne Jacobsen, and others.

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