Trekroner – a hidden exhibition


A part of the effort of reviving the Copenhagen fortification ring - drawing attention to its historical importance and opening up the different areas for a new generation - was to make local exhibitions at selected locations. The first exhibition opened in June 2010 at Trekroner, the oldest sea fortress in the ring.

The main approach was to tell the history of Trekroner at the location without disturbing the public's feeling of adventure exploring the fortification. Another challenge was the harsh climate and humidity combined with the fact that the exhibition at Trekroner is unattended, and that the building itself is listed.

A simple transparent watertight standalone display in glass and moulded concrete was designed by Philip Egebak. Carrying different media as photo displays, larger interactive video screens and print, the displays are placed in various rooms in the fortress each one telling their story about the fortification. It is up to the public to discover the displays marked only with a few arrows on some of the walls.

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Design: Philip Egebak in collaboration with Bysted A/S

Client: The Danish Forest and Nature Agency, The Heritage Agency and Realdania

Date: 2008-2010