Green Strings attached – 3 years work in 3 minutes

The Green STRING Corridor project, undertaken by Region Zealand, Region Skåne and The Capital Region of Denmark working together with other partners in the Øresund Region, represents a unique investigation of the potentials and challenges found in the STRING region. ICONO produced the video that sums up findings and recommendations.




The project has focused on the development of business, accessibility and more sustainable transport solutions along the transport corridor connecting Øresund and Hamburg.

The project has highlighted three main issues:

• Development of a green transport corridor

• Transport and logistics

• Accessibility and business travel.

A significant conclusion is that the three national transport authorities each focus on their own national traffic and have far less attention on cross border corridor traffic.

This challenges the utilization of the corridor's potentials.

Another conclusion is that the Fehmarnbelt fixed link will significantly improve the possibilities for transport which again will create more traffic. Here, the challenge is to ensure that this increase in traffic takes place in the most environmentally sustainable way possible.