A tour through the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel

Enjoy a preview of what is to become the world's longest immersed tunnel



Concept and direction: Peter Bysted

3D modelling and animation: Anders Amsnæs, Bo Degn og Henrik Bjerregaard Petersen

Photographer: Erik Zappon

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With a video created by ICONO, Femern A/S introduces the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel that will create a new and important European link.

The video was made as a combination of live studio footage and 3D animation. It tells a story of a familiy of four experiencing the 10-12 minute drive through the tunnel between Denmark and Germany.

The familly in the car was filmed on green screen. Later 3D rendering of the tunnel and the surroundings were added as well as sound effects and music.

The video has two narrative layers. First and foremost it tells a factual story about the tunnel and gives a visual impression of a tour from the tull station in Rødbyhavn in Denmark all the way to Puttgarden in Germany.

In addition to this there is a more imaginative layer "told" by the children in the form of augmented reality, which enables us to see through the walls and meet both train passengers and porpoises in the Fehmarnbelt above the tunnel.



Femern movie

Creative children exploring the tunnel (stills from the video).