DONG Energy exhibition system

Brand-building spaces that spotlight interaction

Dong Energy 490x490

Letting the brand shine through

Since DONG Energy was formed through the merger of six different Danish energy companies, the company has been working to develop an international profile and increase its presence in international markets.

With exhibitions a focus area (the company participates in about 20 exhibitions a year), Philip Egebak and Peter Bysted developed a framework that enabled a close interaction between people - making the act of meeting DONG Energy warm and positive while differentiating the company from other players in the energy market.

The exhibition design differs from other companies in the sector by being relatively simple and easily accessible to visitors. A neutral expression allows the company's messages to shine through and makes the meeting between people the focus.

A light, bright Scandinavian style encourages exhibition guests to enter the stand and meet DONG Energy's employees. The luminous ceiling, lit by in-built halogen lights, and the pale wood furniture placed beneath, give an open and friendly atmosphere - welcoming people and inviting them to linger.





Design: Philip Egebak and Peter Bysted

Client: DONG Energy

Date: 2003-