Anders Peter Amsnæs

3D - and interaction designer.


"My passion is bringing concepts and ideas til life - in 3D."

An expert in expressing the unique - Anders Peter Amsnæs specializes in sophisticated visualization techniques, when bringing the vision of the customer to life. Finding the most convincing way to illustrate an idea, a project or a technical solution often involves experimenting with non-traditional means and media.

Anders has worked on a broad variety of projects in the field of architecture and commercial illustration, using skills ranging from photorealistic visualization created in Form Z and Maxwell, to special self-developed 3D-animation techniques, that bring new life to old-school creative illustration like watercolour and hand drawing. Anders is also a talented photographer with a particular interest in the arctic.



3D visualization and animation
Video editing and motion
Photo retouching
Web programming
Web concept development

Contact Anders Peter Amsnæs
TEL +45 20 32 34 40