A complete service
The team at ICONO offers a wide range of competencies and deep professional experience. With expertise that runs from analysis to implementation, ICONO can partner with you throughout the concept and product development process. And provide a high quality service at every step.

The practice of integrated design
Often, some competencies will be 'switched on' to a higher degree in a particular project. Integrated design doesn't mean that every discipline is active at the same time, or that all competencies will be used. But we always seek to join specialised disciplines together in ways that will challenge what's possible to match your needs and ambitions.

Work with ICONO

• Integrated design approach.

• A multidisciplinary team of experts dedicated to a common cause.

• A creative and strategic partner that works with you at every step of the process.

• Internal alignment of projects to safekeep employee enthusiasm and dedication.

• Creative insights that inspire new concepts and product categories.

• A complete product development service - from concept to branding.

ICONO disciplines

Branding strategy

Corporate visual identity

Graphic design

Product design

Experiential design and implementation

Technical product development

Web design and implementation